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With 81 beers on offer, The Belgian Triple is the home of South Africa’s largest selection of Belgian craft beer – including a unique gluten free beer for the calorie conscious. Each with a unique flavour composition, the beers are paired with a delicious menu that has been created by five-star chefs and aims to complement the exceptional tastes and aromas of the beer.

The Belgian Triple offers up a unique and memorable dining experience – an eclectic and warm setting is what you are sure to find, while friendly and inviting staff ensure quality service. A number of local wines and gin are also on offer, which ensures that there is something for everyone.

The brainchild of Nikolai Tokaitchouk and Gerlant Willemsen, the descendants of Tsar Nicholas and Hans Brinker (the boy who saved Holland), The Belgian Triple started off as an idea that was thought to never come to light. However, with the blood of bear hunters and national heroes in their veins, the dynamic duo brought to life their idea and turned it into what it is today – a warm and eclectic restaurant where good food, great beer and impeccable service reign supreme.


With more than 18 years of experience in the hospitality and beer industry, Gerlant and Nikolai strive to offer a memorable and unique dining experience.

Originally from Putten, Holland, Gerlant immigrated to South Africa in 1998 and, while there are no faulty levees that pose a risk to our national safety, he has been keeping himself busy with the importation of Belgian craft beers.Not really a descendant of Hans Brinker, but really an experienced hero when it comes to Belgian beer, there is no denying the fact that we would be lost without his passion for beer and his expertise.

Our head chef and culinary mentor, Ross, is passionate about creating delicious food that leaves a lasting impression. Born and raised in South Africa, he is well versed in the art of lion wrestling, and believes that there is nothing more rewarding than a cold beer after a fight. While not really a professional big-cat wrestler but really a chef with an exceptional palate, he has created a menu that is sure to leave guests begging for more!

Born and raised in Siberia and South Africa, Nikolai started his career in the hospitality industry at the tender age of 18.Today, he has managed and run a number of high-profile hotels and restaurants, both locally and internationally. Not really a descendant of Tsar Nicholas, but really experienced in bear hunting, Nikolai is adamant that all beer should be served chilled, similar to his childhood in the Siberian winter.


We have both bottles as well as draught beers on offer

Lindemans Kriek
R 50

A Lambic - Fruit style beer brewed by Brouwerij Lindemans in Vlezenbeek

Delirium Tremens
R 55

Aromatic, banana citrus and herbal. Yellow, transparent, tenacious lacy head. Banana, citrus, herbal flavors with a dry finish.

R 59

Lucifer is a strong, blond beer (8.0%) with a gold yellow color and creamy white head. Its fruity aroma with subtle notes of bitter hops is followed by a long and perfectly balanced finish.

La Guillotine
R 55

Belgian Strong Pale Ale

R 55

A heavily hopped beer brewed using home-baked bom malt. Triporteur from heaven is the modern version of traditional hopped ale.

Saison Dunport
R 62

Golden with a thick white head, citrus, cloves, grassy notes

Westmalle Dubbel
R 59

Towards the malt with a low spicy hop flavor and low bitterness

Gulden Draak
R 69

Dark Triple Ale brewed with caramel malt and re-fermented with Bordeaux wine yeast

Delirium Red
R 55

Red ruby pour with little or no head, sour cherry and sweet on palate with little carbonation

Dikke Jan Triple
R 60

Hazy yellow white head. Caramel, sweetness, spices. Short finish.


From traditional kroketten and bitterballen, to moules escargots and kriek braised pork belly, our menu is warm, hearty and diverse.



From romantic dinners for two, to large groups that are eager to party, we’d love to welcome you to The Belgian Triple. Complete the form below to make your reservation.


012 991 1050

Olympus Village Shopping Centre. c/o Olympus Drive & Achilles Road. Pretoria. (-25.799916:28.3304245)

Trading Hours

Monday: 16:00 – 23:30  Tuesday – Saturday: 11:30 – 23:30 | Sunday: 11:30 – 16:00

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