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  • Rubber Check Valve

       【Advantages】 Xinhai wear rubber with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high flexibility, the 0.25 mm Xinhai rubber strip stretches to out of shape until 8…

  • Knife Gate Valve

      【Advantages】 Rubber spool is produced with ” liquid phase nanometer compounding, normal temperature high-frequency curving”. Wear-resistant index id ov…

  • Hydraulic Motor Driving Center Thickener

      【Advantages】 Simple and convenient installation & maintenance. The simple internal structure is convenient for the layout of hydraulic and electric control syst…

  • Tilted Plate Thickener

         【Advantages】 The vibrator reduces the blockage by high frequency vibration and impact. Installing underflow valve to increase the concentration of underflow. The…

  • Linear Vibrating Screen

         【Advantages】 Small motor power, only 1/4-1/5 of other screen; High screen efficiency; Adjustable screen angle Transferring the small load to base do not need spe…

  • Efficient Thickener

         【Advantages】 Thickener Used for Minerals/Ores Thickening Adding the flocculants to increased sedimentation particle size, thus speeding up the sedimentation velo…

  • Wear-Resistant Slurry Pump

        【Advantages】 Wear – resistant rubber as liners prolongs the service life by 2-4 times Internal rubber liners with small specific gravity can effectively improve t…

  • Efficient Deep Cone Thickener

      【Advantages】 Small area taken, large capacity. Slender body, flocculants are added in the process of concentrate; accelerate the particle settlement and dewatering…

  • Submerged Slurry Pump

          【Advantages】 How to increase the service life of slurry pump Break through the head limit (60 meters) of rubber pump, up to 70 meters Impellers and casings lined…

  • Round Vibrating Screen(YA)

          【Advantages】 Screen mesh is made of wear-resistant rubber with long service life; Screen frame with high strength; Large clearance bearings operating with low te…

  • Auto Centering Vibrating Screen

         【Advantages】 Main Mineral Processing Equipment Applied in Screening Progress Large amplitude, high screening efficiency; Xinhai wear-resistant screen mesh, the s…

  • Double Stages Slurry Pump

          【Advantages】   Break through the head limit (60 meters) of rubber pump, up to 70 meters; Impellers and casings lined with Xinhai No. 35 high wear-resisting …

  • Y-Ball Valve

         【Advantages】 Xinhai wear – resistant rubber as the liners of Y– ball valve with 128% wear resistance index Service lige is 2-4 times longer than traditional valv…

  • Pinch Valve

         【Advantages】 High resilience rubber liners with rubber boss, no leakage Smooth internal surface makes slurry flow stably and fast without flow resistance The rub…

  • Alloy Slurry Pump

         【Advantages】 Xinhai alloy slurry pump has cantilever type and horizontal type, and the main working parts are impeller and casing. Impeller device in casing is l…

  • Magnetic Drum

          【Advantages】 Large feeding particle size (450~0mm), no classification before feeding; High strength and high reliability of the mechanical structure guarantee t…

  • Peripheral Transmission Thickener

         【Advantages】 Thickener Used for Minerals/Ores Thickening Unique bridge design, excellent rigid strength and strong overload capacity. Peripheral roller transmiss…

  • Magnetic Separator

          【Advantages】 Magnetic system is compounded of ferrite and permanent magnets; the average magnetic induction intensity of cylinder surface is 100~600mT. The same…

  • Dry Magnetic Separator

         【Advantages】 1, This patented product is a kind of upgrading equipment based on conventional magnetic roller or conventional dry separator. When it is working, t…

  • Electromagnetic Iron Remover

         【Advantages】 Large magnetic penetration depth Strong magnetically attractive force Resistance todust, rain and corrosion 【Product Structure】 Electromagnetic Iro…

  • Efficient Improved Thickener

        【Advantages】 Out overflow weir instead of inner overflow weir increases the sedimentation area and not easy to block; Oblique feeding instead of horizontal feedi…

  • Metal Detector

      【Advantages】 Digital phase shifter and detection technology; Stable performance; High detection sensitivity; Strong anti- interference ability; Lower price; Conven…

  • Overflow Type Ball Mill

        【Advantages】 How is Ball Mill composed? Jack-up device, easy maintenance; The hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings ensure the smooth operation; Low speed transmi…

  • Grid Type Ball Mill

       【Advantages】 Grid Ball Mill Used for Minerals/Ores Grinding Jack-up device, easy maintenance; The hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings ensure the smooth operatio…

  • Rod Mill

         【Advantages】 The steel rod takes regular movement in mill; It is convenient to install and maintain; Rapidly discharging; Even particle size of product, little o…

  • Concentrating Table

         【Advantages】 The large range of transverse slope adjustment (0~10°),adjustable stroke; Keep the stably operation when change the transverse slope and stroke; S…

  • Energy Saving Ball Mill

         【Advantages】 How is the ball mill applied to mineral grinding composed? Large double row self-aligning roller bearing with low friction force is used to replace …

  • Carbon Screen

        【Advantages】 No moving parts; the screen holes are not easy to block; simple structure; convenient operation and maintenance; low cost; long service life. The scr…

  • SF Flotation Cell

        【Advantages】 Large air suction volume, low power consumption; Long service life of wear parts Each tank with air suction, slurry suction and flotation function do…

  • Air Lifter

         【Advantages】 Scientific and reasonable design, decrease the damage to carbon. High efficiency, the time of lifting carbon is 0.5~1 hours. Small volume, it is con…

  • KYF Air Inflation Flotation Cell

         【Advantages】 Flotation Separation for Mineral Flotating Low energy consumption, 30-50% savable; Solid particles can be fully suspended; high flotation index ; Lo…

  • ZSW Vibrating Feeder

          【Advantages】 Stable operation, reliable work, long service life, continuous and feeding for crushing, rough screening, and it is widely used in mineral processin…

  • BF Flotation Cell

       【Advantages】 Flotation process of Lead-zinc Beneficiation Plant in Tibet Large air suction volume, low energy consumption Each tank with air suction, slurry suction…

  • Belt Feeder

        【Advantages】 It has two methods to adjust the production capacity: adjusting the rotating speed of the AC motor; adjusting the depth of the adjusting gate. Low p…

  • Hydrocyclone

        【Advantages】 The way of involute feeding through the inlet branch reduces the turbulence of the burst emanative flow when materials entry, makes a smooth movemen…

  • Jaw Crusher

         【Advantages】 Advanced swing jaw assembly, more durable; Suitable jaw crusher price ; Large reduction ratio, optimum design of chamber and high crushing efficiency…

  • Cyclone Unit

          【Advantages】 How a Hydrocyclone is assembled from parts to product? Cyclone lined with wear – resistant rubber, prolong the service life Stable operation and hig…

  • Belt Conveyor

        【Advantages】 Rubber or plastic bands with oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance are adopted for materials with special properties. The head of conveyor belt…

  • Spring Cone Crusher

        【Advantages】 Continuous rotation of the operated cone body and high productivity Easy to press, impact and crush and low power consumption Even particle size of p…

  • Hammer Crusher

         【Advantages】 Simple structure; Large reduction ratio; High production efficiency; Suitable hammer crusher price ; Variable hammer crusher specification. 【Produc…


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